Pirate Volleyball to Play at UWF Saturday

Pirate Volleyball to Play at UWF Saturday

The University of West Florida is hosting spring games on Saturday and Pensacola State will be one of seven teams to participate. 

The schedule for the day's events can be found below.

COURT 1                                       

9-9:50 am UWF vs Mobile                                
10-10:50 am Southern Miss vs William Carey                  
11-11:50 am UWF vs Point University                
12-12:50 pm Alcorn vs William Carey                
2-2:50 pm UWF vs Southern Miss                 
3-3:50 pm PSC vs Alcorn                                
4-4:50 pm UWF vs  William Carey                    


9-9:50 am PSC vs Point University
10-10:50 am Mobile vs Alcorn
11-11:50 am PSC vs Southern Miss
12-12:50 pm PSC vs Mobile
2-2:50 pm Alcorn vs Point University
3-3:50 pm Mobile vs William Carey
4-4:50 pm Point University vs Southern Miss