Feature Friday: Brandi Washington

Feature Friday: Brandi Washington

Brandi Washington is a 5'9 freshman from Monroe, Louisiana who graduated from Ouachita Parish High School. Washington is currently averaging 9.0 ppg and 2.5 rpg.

If you could bring someone back to life who would it be and why?

My great-grandmother. She kept our family close together especially during the holidays


List someone who has influenced your life? Why?

My mother. My mom is very important to me. I want to be just as successful as she is and make her proud. 


What do you admire most about Coach Belford?

She is an outspoken person, nice and wants nothing but the best for all of us. 


Why I chose PSC:

The coaching staff and players were very nice and welcoming. My academics were important to them as well not just me as a player. 


What's been some of the biggest adjustments for you coming from being a high school senior to a college freshman?

Some of the biggest adjustments for me have been being away from my family and adjusting to how fast the game goes at times.


What are some of the biggest differences from being a high school student-athlete to a college student-athlete?

The biggest difference for me would be the time management part and not going to every class everyday to get a better feel for the lessons.


Who your funniest teammate? Why?

I would say the funniest person on the team would be between Nia (Johnson) and Lay (Mylashia Yancey). It's just the things they say and how they say it. Their personalities just make the things they say and do so much funnier!!!