Meet the Lady Pirates - Aminat Jubril

Meet the Lady Pirates - Aminat Jubril


Aminat Jubril is a 6'2 forward who came to Pensacola as a freshman in 2015-16. In her freshman campaign Jubril played is 28 games and averaged 3.7 points and 7 rebounds. Jubril is excited to get back on the court this season after redshirting last year. Continue reading below to learn more about Jubril. 


Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.


What are your nicknames? 

I have lot of nicknames, but the most common once are Ami and Jub Jub (pronounced Jube Jube)


How many different languages do you speak and what are they?

I speak 5 different languages, which are Yoruba, English, Broken English/Pidgin, Igbo, and Spanish


What was the biggest adjustment for you leaving home in Lagos, Nigeria and coming to America?

The biggest adjustment for me is the culture. The food is different, the environment is different, but the greatest of all is the accent and the way people talk. I had a hard time understanding what some people were saying when I first arrived in America but now I can figure it out a lot easier.


What are some of the notable differences from Lagos, Nigeria, and Pensacola, FL? 

Lagos, Nigeria is the business capital and is filled with a lot people. It is usually called the city that never sleeps because there are a lot of things going on at different places 24/7 while Pensacola, FL is more of a relaxing and quiet area.


What part of your basketball game has improved the most during your time at PSC?

I would say my shooting has improved, especially my free throws, also my mental toughness and confidence on the court.