Training Room

The 1400 sq. ft. state of the art Pensacola State College training room has been in use since 2006. The facility is run by Select Physical Therapy. Debbie Lee, ATC/L and Phil Loesch, ATC/L are the full-time certified athletic trainers covering all the athletic teams on campus, while Ken Byrd, MPT, ATC/L is the certified manager and physical therapist providing rehab to the injured athletes and employees at the college.

One of the latest additions to the training room is the VertiMax. The VertiMax is not a traditional resistance training device, but rather a cutting edge tool designed to work multi-dimensionally to reflect movements in the way we need to generate and apply force and move in both sports and everyday activities.

Some of the other services provided are Video Gait Analysis for rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement for runners of all levels. This analysis identifies biomechanical deficits and abnormalities that may contribute to injury. Additionally, a personalized program to correct and address deficiencies is assembled and provided. Finally, functional movement screenings are also available to identify imbalances in flexibility, movement and strength deficits.