Pensacola State College’s Aquatics Program is designed to increase strength, flexibility, build endurance, increase circulation, strengthen the heart, improve muscular balance, tone and shape muscles, rehabilitiate muscle movement, provide stress relief, and much more!  It revives your energy, is a great deal of fun, and provides social interaction with others–people just like you!

Your health, safety, and overall enjoyment are important to us, so join our Water Exercise Program and begin your road to better health.  Class size is limited, so please enroll early.

Our courses include:

  • Adult Swim Lessons
  • Aerobic Swimming
  • Aqua Dymanics I
  • Aqua Dymanics II
  • Aqua Jogging
  • Lifeguarding Today
  • Preschool Aquatics Program
  • Recreation & Leisure Swimming

Pre-registration is required for enrollment in our courses.  Registration may be accomplished at any of Pensacola State’s locations or online via Spyglass.  For more information, please call Kay Miller, Aquatics Coordinator, at 850/484-1311, or the Continuing Education Department at 850/484-1797.

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